Vintage doorbell chimes

A decorative wireless doorbell can help ensure that you will never again miss a visitor or a delivery thanks to working in the garage or in the back garden. More than that, a stylish doorbell with a pleasant chime says something about your home and your establishment.

Doorbells have two main parts: the button that sends a signal, and the receiver that sets off the chime. Advanced door chime systems might include motion sensing security features for both doors and windows.

Between the button that sends the signal and the receiver, there must be either a wired or wireless connection to allow them to communicate. Doorbell buttons can range from the familiar simple pushbutton set in a metal oblong, to elaborate contemporary designs.

If you have obtained a wired model, it is sometimes possible to wire it into a wireless system, allowing you to use a favored design regardless of original function.

Wireless designs are handy because they preclude the necessity of stringing wires across ceilings or through walls to allow the doorbell to work.

Regardless of whether it connects to the push button via a wire or via wireless delivery, doorbell systems require a sound production device. That might be an old-fashioned box that has physical chimes, or it could be an electronic receiver that can play back a pre-selected choice of several different ringtone selections.

It is conceivable that you could even have your doorbell play a pre-recorded melody. Doorbells are a combination of a pushbutton or motion sensor that communicates with a receiver that plays a tone or sequence of tones.

Both sender and receiver can be plain or decorative. But part of the fun of locating and installing a doorbell is to find something that reflects you, your personality, and the first impression you want to make on visitors or guests. It can also be a question of convenience and practicality whether your doorbell is wired, unwired or uses motion detection. Dress up your exterior entry with a Charlton home rectangular door chime button.

The scroll-worked edges bring textured interest to the toasted sienna metal cover, making the white button really pop visually. Modest and understated, it is still an attractive element for your entryway.

Easy mount even for those with modest handyman skills, with two Philips screws. Here is a cheerful and charming fellow to dress up your front door!

Wireless Doorbells & Chimes

The Waterwood Gecko Lizard Doorbell is crafted using a sand-casting technique. Add this little guy with easy-mount screws.

The central push button is lighted, and the whole assembly can be used with a wireless doorbell setup. Insurance sales jokes aside, this little fellow is sure to encourage guests to smile. Nothing fancy to see here, folks, just a simple doorbell ready to do its job.

NuTone Door Chime Parts & Models

Better yet, you can carry the receiver with you to any location within feet of the push button. Simple, unlighted Broan brushed nickel door button can be part of an up to three-button set. With the right wireless setup, you can program each door of your home to have a different ring, so you will always answer the correct door in a timely fashion. No more missed guests or deliveries by answering the wrong door! The doorbell button looks just like any other, but it incorporates advanced motion detection, 2-way audio accessible from your smartphone, tablet or pc, as well as HD video capture within the motion detection zone.

Whether you are avoiding Great-Aunt Hepzibah with her white glove or checking out a prospective blind date, the Pro Video Doorbell takes the guesswork out of answering the door. A brass Veda doorbell, with stylized petals around the central button makes a charming, otherworldly addition to your entry door.

This offering from Waterwood can make a charming statement about your home before your guests ever enter. Made in India, it is not intended for wireless use, but could be wired into a wireless system for your convenience.Check back as I put up new exhibits and content. A doorbell for your dog? How about a pneumatic door chime? Check out the doorbell curiosities. This Bakelite doorbell case had fallen on hard times. Do you have a doorbell, a door bell or a door chime?

Learn about the terminology used to describe signaling devices to let you know somebody is calling.

The pages of the Sears Roebuck catalogs of the late 19th and 20th Century provide a vertical history of doorbells and door chimes. Learn about door bell nerves and other peculiar maladies that helped to popularize door chimes in the s. Please send photos. Send to info electrachime. Hello, I have been trying to find a wired doorbell for our home which we are in the process of restoring.

No luck so far. Thank you so much.

Vintage Miami-Carey Westminster doorbell chime

Ray Santana. What type of door chime are you looking for? Long Bell, Resonator or compact? I may have something. Please respond to info electrachime. Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.Beautiful door bell buttons can give visitors to your house a great first impression while adding character to your home.

Show off your family's style by choosing from these door push buttons to find the beautiful look your home deserves. The door bells and buttons sold here come in a wide variety of finishes and patterns sure to meet any need. Door bell hardware uses a standard 24 Volt maximum circuit that connects with a simple two wires.

vintage doorbell chimes

Each of these door bells comes with all the mounting hardware most should need for easy installation over an existing door bell circuit. These door push buttons come in styles that range from ornate to modern, with finishes in polished brass, chrome, antiqued brass, and oil rubbed bronze.

Adding the right door bells and buttons are a simple fix that can help your home welcome visitors while looking great. You'll add style to your house and get the chance to coordinate your door hardware with the facing for your door bell and the surrounding decor. Install one of the many door bell buttons available here to keep your entry way beautiful. Close menu. Door Bell Push Buttons in Bronze and Brass Beautiful door bell buttons can give visitors to your house a great first impression while adding character to your home.Vintage Door Chimes for Sale.

I always have some very special door chimes for sale. I try to find the most interesting vintage chimes and then give them a thorough mechanical and cosmetic renovation. I am confident that these are the very best vintage door chimes available anywhere.

My hope is that these magnificent chimes will find a place in magnificent homes where simply nothing else would do. Chimes on these pages are grouped into four categories. Select the category on the green tabs at left to see my current inventory of each type. Longbells - the most grand of all doorbells. Long tubes serve as the actual bells which are struck by solenoids to create the chiming sound.

These are grand not just in appearance, but also have an acoustic resonance and sustain that is unmatched by other types of doorbells. Among this style are models with two, three or four bells. The two and three bell models strike the familiar two note ding-dong sound. Four-bell models strike a complex series of notes, most often the Westminster Chimes sequence. Resonators - have exposed stubby tubes, often confused with actually being bells. While less grand than longbells, they often have a very rich sound to them.

Vintage Door Chimes for Sale I always have some very special door chimes for sale. Compacts - these were typically the most modest door bells, where space or budget did not allow for the more deluxe chimes.

They may or may not have small inboard resonator chambers to enhance the sound quality. While modest, they can be quite stylish and just right for a modest space. Included in this section are recessed chimes with clocks, and chiming devices not necessarily intended for use as doorbells but potentially just the right thing for people who seek the unusual.Home Improvement. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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vintage doorbell chimes

Width 2" to 2. Internet Connection N Y. Condition New. Battery Included Y N. Lifestage Adult Child. Height Top to Bottom Less Than 6 ft. Length Less Than 6 ft. Recommended Location Indoor See more recommended locations.

Retailer Walmart.An original Rittenhouse longbell chime graces the entrance of a house. Photo: Lora Shinn. In the Victorian era, the doorbell rang a simple electric bell. In the s, door chime invention and refinement eliminated the harsh bzzzzt of electric doorbells or clang of the more gong-like bells, and the signature ding-dong of longbell chimes rang clear.

Longbell chimes filled U. Today, most doorbells ring a purely electronic device from a big-box store. Restoring a set of vintage longbell chimes is anything but simple, says Tim Wetzel, owner of Knock Doorbellswhose restored chimes have gone on the sets of films and into homes throughout the U. In the interest of functionality and safety, even the ones that more or less work are ready for some TLC.

If you have the electrical or mechanical skills, you may be able to resolve the issue yourself; if not, call in a pro experienced in chime restoration to troubleshoot electrical or chime problems.

A Harmony-brand chime interior before and after restoration. Photo: Tim Wetzel. The result? Drawing a simple diagram is a good idea. Slide the plunger out of the cylinder, carefully placing aside the spring. Use extreme care, says Wetzel, as the wires that power solenoids are fragile like butterfly wings. Use a metal polish like Semichrome, Wenol, or Autosol, which offer a protective wax finish; apply inside the solenoid coil tube with a Q-tip.

Polishing the cylinder may require elbow grease and a rag.

vintage doorbell chimes

Reassemble the cylinder, plunger, and spring exactly as they looked in your diagram. Positioning the new bell hanger loop. Remove the old, frayed, damaged loop. You can cut off any exposed old loop cord on the existing chime, and push the remaining cord down into the tube. Tie a bowline knot out of nylon cord, making a loop about 1" in diameter.

Once the knot is in the right spot, use a match to lightly fuse the knot and prevent fraying you also can use a drop of super glue. The knot will secure the longbell into position.

Pulling the new loop through the bell. Twist the new loop onto the wire, then pull the wire up through the tube. Use needle-nose pliers to gently pull the wire loop and knot through the top of the bell.

Your choices, according to Wetzel:. Hang a piece of brass pipe just to fill the gap, for aesthetic reasons only. Find a stray vintage bell to hang; search reuse stores or eBay. Buy an inexpensive new set of bells from NuTone, modify hangers, and replace all bells.

Scavenge a set of bells from a nonworking chime set. Replace all bells.We at House of Antique Hardware remain open to receive and ship orders. Our Customer Service team is available to answer any questions you may have.

Long Tube Doorbell Chimes

Due to state shelter-in-place regulations, you may experience delays in the shipping of your order. As we navigate this unprecedented situation, we continue our goal of providing an exceptional customer experience. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. House of Antique Hardware is following local, state, and federal guidelines to ensure the safety of our employees and customers.

Make a stylish statement to house guests with our beautifully designed door bells, doorbell buttons and knockers. A uniquely designed, decorative buzzer or knocker can replace standard electric doorbell buttons adding instant period charm to your home. Doorbell Button with Rope Rosette. Doorbell Button with Quincy Rosette. Doorbell Button with Steel Round Rosette. Doorbell Button with Hammered Surface Rosette.

Doorbell Button with Square Rosette. Premium Classic Brass Door Knocker. Sign Up For Special Offers.

vintage doorbell chimes

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