Speed distance time graph worksheet

Distance Time Graphs worksheet practice questions for year 9 and year Distance time graphs worksheet 1 contains five questions involving average speed. Distance time graphs worksheet 2 contains four including drawing distance time graphs. Distance time graphs worksheet 3 contain three worded problems of progressive difficulty.

All distance time graphs worksheets are suitable for GCSE Maths as part of the UK national curriculum as well as international curricula. When drawing and reading distance-time graphs we label the x-axis "time" and the y-axis "distance".

In this circumstance the y-axis is the dependent variable and the x-axis is the independent variable. The graphic below shows the formula for distance speed and time. Students must check for the correct units to ensure the final answer is correct. Units for time include: seconds, minutes, hours. Units for distance include, kilometres, metres, centimetres. Signup Today. Membership Login Username or Email:. Remember Me. Distance Time Graphs Examples When drawing and reading distance-time graphs we label the x-axis "time" and the y-axis "distance".

Formula for Distance Speed Time The graphic below shows the formula for distance speed and time.The graph below shows the distance travelled by a car over 6 seconds. Which object is moving at the greatest speed? A car is moving from rest and moves with an increasing speed. Which distance time graph best describes this?

Worksheet 2. Page 1 of 4. Prepared by: Mr Melvin Ng. The graph shows how the speed of an object changes with time. Which section of the graph shows the object moving with an increasing acceleration?

What was the average acceleration of the cyclist? A skier is travelling downhill. Which graph shows the motion of the skier when moving from hard snow to soft snow? Page 2 of 4. How far does the object move in 20 s? Travels at this speed for 30 s and then decelerates uniformly to rest in further 10 s. What is the total distance travelled by the car, in metres? The shaded area relates to the period 30 to 40 s. Which one of the following is represented by the shaded area?

Page 3 of 4. The graph below shows the distance time graph of a runner in 5 s. What is the distance travelled by the runner at 3. In the graph above, plot another line of a runner who ran from start to 6 m in 5.

Label this as runner B.Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter?

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Social Studies - History. History World History. For All Subject Areas. See All Resource Types. Speed-Time Graphs Worksheet.

speed distance time graph worksheet

This worksheet was designed to help 8th grade students interpret speed-time graphs. Great formative assessment. MathGraphingPhysical Science.We wont spam you, we don't believe in that. However we may contact you about future promotions and news about EdPlace.

Distance Time Graphs Worksheets and Answers

If you are happy to be contacted, please tick the box. Are you looking to set up a school or business invoice account? Request access. Difficulty level:. Speed is a way of saying how far we travel in a certain period of time. This could be during a second sa minute minan hour h and even longer. You have to be very careful when you calculate the speed, because there could be various units used. If the distance is in miles and the time in hours hthe speed is calculated in miles per hour mph.

Other units could be given, too. Just take care to convert appropriately and write the correct unit at the end. Also pay attention to what units the question is asking you to use. We can re-arrange the speed formula to calculate distance or time. So we have:. When drivers see something on the road, it takes them some time to brake. The distance travelled during this time is called thinking distance.

After braking, the car travels a certain distance before it finally stops; this is called braking distance. The total of those two is the stopping distance. The stopping distance depends on the initial speed of the car and the alertness of the driver. How long will the stopping distance be if the thinking distance is 5 m and the braking distance is 35 m? The distance-time graph shows how far a car travels during a certain time.

It also gives information about the speed. We're here to help your child succeed. Track progress, measure results and access thousands of online tutorial worksheets in Maths, English and Science with an EdPlace subscription.

We hope you've enjoyed trying some of our activities. We're here to help each child succeed. We're your National Curriculum aligned online education content provider helping each child succeed in English, maths and science from year 1 to GCSE.

Request access Already have an account? Login here. The smart way to improve grades. Science Year 7 Forces. Speed, Distance and Time. In this worksheet, students will practise calculating speed and what affects it.

speed distance time graph worksheet

Worksheet Overview. To work out the speed we have to know the distance and the time. Below you can see a distance-time graph. Study the different parts of the graph carefully. Calculate the speed if the distance is 10 m and the time is 2 s. Calculate the speed if the distance is 2 m and the time is 0.Make customizable worksheets about constant or average speed, time, and distance for pre-algebra and algebra 1 courses grades Both PDF and html formats are available.

There are SEVEN different types of word problems to choose from, ranging from easy to advanced, so you can create a great variety of worksheets. The seven types of problems are explained in detail in the actual generator below.

Easy speed, time, and distance worksheet 1 : How far can it go or how long does the trip take - using whole or half hours Easy speed, time, and distance worksheet 2 : How far can it go, how long does the trip take, or what is the average speed - using whole or half hours Speed, time, and distance worksheet 3 : How far can it go, how long does the trip take, or what is the average speed - using quarter hours Speed, time, and distance worksheet 4 : How far can it go, how long does the trip take, or what is the average speed - time to the 5-minute intervals Speed, time, and distance worksheet 5 : problems involve a conversion of minutes to hours.

Find the average speed: time is given to the fourth of an hour. Find the average speed: time is given to the twelfth of an hour. Find the average speed: problems involve conversion of a time unit Speed, time, and distance: more challenging problems 1 Speed, time, and distance: more challenging problems 2. Just as English can be translated into other languages, word problems can be "translated" into the math language of algebra and easily solved.

Real World Algebra explains this process in an easy to understand format using cartoons and drawings. This makes self-learning easy for both the student and any teacher who never did quite understand algebra.

Includes chapters on algebra and money, algebra and geometry, algebra and physics, algebra and levers and many more. Designed for children in grades with higher math ability and interest but could be used by older students and adults as well. Contains 22 chapters with instruction and problems at three levels of difficulty.

All worksheets include an answer key on the 2nd page of the file. Please use the quick links below to generate some common types of worksheets. Find the average speed: problems involve conversion of a time unit Speed, time, and distance: more challenging problems 1 Speed, time, and distance: more challenging problems 2 Speed, Time, and Distance Problems Worksheet Generator.

Distance-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs - GCSE Physics - Doodle Science

Choose the types of problems for the worksheet. How far can it travel in 5 hours? How long will it take to travel 60 km? Type 3: Mike drives his car 60 km in 55 minutes. What is its average speed in kilometers per hour? How long did it take for this trip? What distance did the vehicle cover? What was its average speed?

Speed Distance Time Graphs for GCSE

What was her average speed? Type 8: John travels in an airplane a distance of km. How long does the trip take? Type 9: Abigail's airplane trip took 4 hours.

What distance did she travel? Involve conversion of time units only problem types The problem gives the time in minutes and the speed in kilometers per hour.They help bind the food together and have a better texture. I don't bake a tremendous amount, but for everything I have baked with gluten-free flour, a multi-purpose blend with a little xanthan gum has worked really well.

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Speed Distance Time Graph

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speed distance time graph worksheet

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