Msf legendary events calendar

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msf legendary events calendar

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Black Bolt Legendary Unlock Event - MARVEL Strike Force - MSF

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Please note that by providing your phone number you give us permission to call you to finalize the application.Put your roster on high alert this week, because we've got an epic Legendary Event, a sinister Event Campaign, and a brawling Gamma Raid heading your way that'll put your teams to the test.

msf legendary events calendar

Let's kick things off by checking in with the new City Villains Join Rhino and Sinister Six members on their mission to help Norman Osborn recapture a corrupted Kingpin, who's turning Manhattan into his personal playground. To join this mission, you'll need a top team of City Villains, so put the finishing touches on your roster's ruffians. Don't miss out on your chance to recruit Rhino! Calling all fisticuff fans: a new Gamma Raid is almost here!

Coordinate with your Alliance to battle your way through the newest Gamma Raid that features the Brawler trait. This Raid will be different from past Gamma Raids as it rewards a new orb -- the Gamma Raid Orb -- whose contents will rotate out based on the characters featured in the Raid. A new featured character set in our Strike Raid Gamma means that we will be updating the boss and sub-boss nodes to reflect the changes.

The previously Juggernaut themed nodes have been updated to feature new Brawler enemies. It's now a sprint to the finish line with several Alliances in the mix to be the first to complete Ultimus VII three times. After the winner is announced, the community will enjoy festivities to celebrate, including a limited edition Orb featuring characters chosen by the winning Alliance, along with a celebratory login calendar. Good luck to all the Alliances competing!

During this limited-time summer event, earn points toward this new milestone by opening Heat Wave Orbs and winning Blitz battles to earn big rewards.

Red Stars Rework Details April 8, Dark Dimension Intel April 3, Second Strike Milestone Issues March 30, Enter the Black Order March 27, Events delayed March 26, Widowmaker Calendar Update March 25, Second Strike Celebration March 20, The Red Onslaught March 13, Protectors Assemble! March 6, Misfit Misadventures February 28, The Immovable Mutant February 21, Leap into the Microverse February 14, Cupid's Battlefield February 8, Early Update February 1, The Fearless Leader January 24, Introducing: The Shatterer January 17, The Elementalist January 10, Gifts, Gods, and Gold December 13, Favor of the Gods December 6, Asgard ushers in the arrival of Black Bolt and the Inhumans!

December 3, For Asgard! November 22, The Chaos Bringer Arrives November 15, Rule Mortals with Hela!Every night during the State Fair at 6 p. Auditions begin at p. Monday through Friday and 11 a.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Events

Saturday and Sunday. From the acts that audition during that week, 30 preteen division acts, 42 teen division acts and 48 open division acts will advance to the semifinals during the State Fair.

All acts who audition will receive a letter in the mail to let them know whether or not they are a semifinalist. Please allow approximately days from the completion of all auditions to receive your letter.

County fairs throughout Minnesota are invited to send winners of their amateur talent contests to the State Fair competition. The first and second place finals winners in each division continue on in the competition by representing their counties in the Minnesota State Fair Amateur Talent Contest Finals on Sunday, Sept. For further information, please email msfent mnstatefair.

Register Online. Amateur Talent Contests. Registration for will open in late April. Registration: Online registration will open in late April.

Register Online Quick links: Links will become active as information is available.Hi everyone, I'm Voltagesauce. You might have seen my beginners guide I posted last week. If not, and you're a beginner looking for a guide, here is the link:. One of the topics that came up in Reddit comments was wanting more details on how to go get legendaries. The legendaries can be confusing for new players since it is not clearly explained how they work in the game. This guide will cover some of the basics of legendaries and how to farm for them.

EDIT: I also decided to create a discord server for beginners or anyone that wants to ask questions or talk about the game. I'd love for you to stop by:. I will go over each of the legendaries requirements and where to farm them. It is unknown when these events will be available, so it is best to plan ahead. Each event is normally announced a week or two before it begins, which is generally not enough time to farm the characters you need.

In general, the events for each character are months apart. My recommendation is to farm on your schedule for the legendary you want and not try to farm based on the estimated game schedule.

You may be pleasantly surprised when the character you want and have farmed for comes earlier than expected. There are times it might make sense to finish a farm to meet the games schedule as well, but in general I think it's a good idea to farm for the legendary you want next. With a few exceptions like defendersteams really need a legendary character to enable them to go from mediocre non-meta teams to the top meta teams in the game.

In general, legendaries have powerful abilities and stats, but a main reason they make the teams so powerful is because they have what are called "leadership abilities". These abilities are typically in their passive and significantly boost their allies.

I will cover these in each of the legendaries individual sections. The requirements for each legendary are different, so the difficulty to farm for each character varies a lot. This section covers the different ways characters can be farmed and the difficulty associated with that farming method.

Blitz - Mostly people consider characters in the blitz store to be the easiest to get. There are the most blitz credits available compared to other modes, all the toons are available in the store at any given time, and they are the cheapest. All the characters available in the blitz store that are requirements for legendaries are good targets.

Campaign - Other characters are only available in campaign nodes. So the main resource to farm these characters is energy, but it's a slow farm because you are limited 5 attempts each day or use cores for more attempts.

Some characters have multiple nodes, which can speed up the farming. The numbers i have seen thrown around the internet as generally accepted farming numbers are 2. Arena - It depends on how you are doing in arena whether farming arena or nodes is a faster farm.

In my experience arena is a faster farm.

msf legendary events calendar

If you just complete your daily objectives then you can get 5 shards every day. Any more than that and you are farming faster than a node. However, you can only farm one character at a time and you can farm a bunch of nodes at a time. Raid - Characters in the raid store can be fairly hard to farm. They are more expensive than blitz and arena and only 3 characters show in the store at one time. This can be a major hold up for certain legendary requirements.

I prefer to avoid relying on these characters if possible. Alliance War - I believe most people agree that the war store is the hardest to farm.Learn More. Load More. Bring your constructed deck and battle opponents and receive gold and cards based on how many wins you earn! Keep playing with that deck until you reach seven wins or three losses.

Entry Fee:. Match Structure. Ends After:. Draft cards using card draft packs and build a card deck to battle others. You'll receive rewards based on how many wins you earn you get to keep all the cards you choose! Keep playing until you reach seven wins or three losses.

Match Structure:. Bring your constructed deck and play games, with a twist! Decks can only have one copy of any cards other than basic lands. You'll receive 6 fifteen-card packs. The cards will be added to your collection, and you'll use them plus basic lands to build a card deck. Play games and receive prizes based on how many games you win! Bring your competitive constructed deck, battle opponents, and receive rewards based on how many wins you earn!

Keep playing best-of-three matches with that deck and sideboard until you reach five matches won or two matches lost. News Events Watch Mastery Pass. Featured Events All. April Pacific Time UTC Event Details. Entry Fee: Gold or 95 Gems. Match Structure Single Matches.

Ends After: 7 Wins or 3 Losses whichever comes first. Match Structure: Single Matches. Rewards: 1 to 2 eight-card boosters, all the cards you drafted, and gems based on wins. Entry Fee: Gems. Entry Fee Gold or Gems. Match Structure: Best-of-three matches. Ends After: 5 Wins or 2 Losses whichever comes first. Ends After: 5 Wins or 2 Losses, whichever comes first. Rewards: All the cards you drafted and other rewards based wins.

Get The Download Link by Email.This week's blog is Thor, Loki, and Hela have two more members joining their ranks, and we've got the divine ability breakdowns for you.

Phoenix Rising

We've also got FOUR Blitzes in the pipeline you don't want to miss, a December calendar to keep your roster frosty, and a sonic tease for our next Legendary character. Now, watch your step, because we're traveling across the Rainbow Bridge to greet our next hero. Descending into battle next for the Asgardians is Heimdall. Along with being the guardian of the Bifrost the Rainbow Bridge that connects Asgard with Earth and the other realmsHeimdall is a fierce warrior who possesses senses that allow him to see across all realms.

Next up is Sif, the warrior goddess and swordswoman paralleled by few others in Asgard. Sif is the Protector for the Asgardians, and a particularly challenging Protector to deal with.

Sif draws enemy fire with a low energy-cost Taunt, allowing you to Taunt nearly every other turn. She also fortifies her Taunts with Block and Deflect, and then makes enemies pay with Counter.

Together, they ascend to be the gods of Alliance War Defense. But the halls of your Helicarrier aren't the only reason to summon the Asgardians to your roster. You'll also need this Asgardian team to recruit the next Legendary character: Black Bolt! His quasi-sonic voice is so powerful and destructive that enemies eliminated by Black Bolt cannot be Revived -- meaning that Minn-erva and Ultron should be on high alert.

Dark Phoenix will be unaffected as she's a summon of Phoenix. We'll have more information on Black Bolt in the future, but until then, start gearing up your gods for his Legendary Event.

The two senior members of the Asgardians are getting a slew of upgrades that'll add to their team synergy and balance. Thor and Loki will enjoy the same Passive ability heal that their Asgardian teammates enjoy, in addition to these changes:.

If you're experiencing clone-envy, you'll have two chances to remedy your symptoms with a double dose of Mister Sinister Blitz. Also in the mix for their own Blitz in the next couple of weeks are The Thing and Ronan, so don't let up after mingling with the Master Geneticist. Keep your Roster red-hot with our cool December calendar.

Pop in your 80s mixtape and rock out while earning double the shards for Guardian and Ravager characters.We have a fantastic event lineup this week featuring some of our most iconic characters, including a new Event Campaign, a magnetic Legendary Event, a Gold boost, a 2x shard event for Marvel 80th characters, and more.

Marvel's first family has arrived and their clobberin' Brawler and blazing Blaster are leading the way into battle. Join the Thing and Human Torch on their high-stakes mission and duke it out against Ultimus's forces for a chance to earn character shards for the Thing. You'll need your top team of Marvel 80th characters for a chance at recruiting and ranking up the Thing. For a complete list of characters with the Marvel 80th trait, check out last week's blog.

The Thing is the brutal Fantastic Four Brawler who obliterates enemy Health with heavy single-target damage while granting Fantastic Four and Namor armor. Don't miss out on your chance to recruit the first member of the Fantastic Four! We're kicking off the Marvel 80th Anniversary celebration with a new Marvel 80th Anniversary login calendar.

This calendar will feature shards for iconic Marvel characters, as well as Red Star Promotion Credits, which you can use to increase a specific character's Red Star level. This calendar, along with a special 2x shard event for Marvel 80th characters, will go live on August 10th! That's not all though; we also have a new one-day event heading to the Campaign soon, which will allow you to earn increased Gold from Campaign nodes.

Be on the lookout because you don't want to miss out on stocking up on as much Gold as possible.

MSF 2020 Calendar

The Master of Magnetism is back, and his Legendary Event is your chance to recruit the powerful leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. You'll need a team of 5-star X-Men or Brotherhood characters to have a chance at recruiting Magneto, so be sure to rank them up before the start of the event. Gamma Raids are the next Raid to make a return, and this time Brawlers are the featured character trait.

Coordinate with your Alliance to earn orb fragments that reward select Brawlers, now including Vulture. Your favorite sentient tree creature is digging his roots into Blitz next week, so gather up your Blitz charges and battle your way to Groot shards.

MSF On the Road: A Voice from the Field

His buddy Star-Lord isn't too far away, so make like a tree and leave the other commanders in the dust. Red Stars Rework Details April 8, Dark Dimension Intel April 3, Second Strike Milestone Issues March 30, Enter the Black Order March 27, Events delayed March 26, Widowmaker Calendar Update March 25, Second Strike Celebration March 20, The Red Onslaught March 13, Protectors Assemble!

March 6, Misfit Misadventures February 28, The Immovable Mutant February 21,


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